Thursday, May 8, 2014

Balsamic Beef and Onions with Roasted veggies with sourdough bread

Well, this meal was an accident. I decided I didn't want to make what the emeals recipe told me to make. . . . . I came up with this. It was way surprising and way good! Both Hubs and I were stuffed after one serving! So yummy : -)

We bought the bread while we were in San Francisco the other day. I always forget how much I like sourdough bread. lol Not quite paleo, but it was delish!

Not sure what I'll make for dinner tonight, but I always come up with something : -)


  1. -wipes drool off keyboard- :P
    Only, what, 5 weeks until we see you guys!

    And if it weren't for your good cooking I might feel a bit bad for Chris...if it's not "Bub" it "Hubs". How did he end up with such terrible nicknames?

    1. lol he deals with his fun nicknames hahaha He enjoys the cooking. . . . . tonight he had chicken while I had toast lol I am really excited for y'all to come down!