Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Maple-pecan Pork Chops with Two-tomato spinach salad and homemade balsamic vinegarette

Wow this was yummy! I really really liked the pork chops! The salad dressing is similar to a dressing I make regularly, but has a little more honey in it. . . We thought the dressing was a little on the sweet side, but it was a nice balance against the tartness of the tomatoes : -)

The original recipe called for a bag of spring mix for the salad, but I really like spinach and we needed the spinach for a second meal this week. . . so it was far more cost effective to just sub spinach in for the spring mix. On a random side note, if you grind pecans in a coffee grinders for too long you make a pecan butter that was surprisingly tasty : -)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Orange-Rosemary Grilled Salmon with Roasted Lemon-Dill Asparagus

I know it has been a few days, but I had a fun night of Bunco with some friends and I didn't cook dinner, then I had a fun event on base and I didn't cook dinner once again.... then last night hubs and I went on a double date to the local Mexican joint with some friends, so naturally I didn't cook : -)

Tonight I cooked! Sort of..... Chris grilled our salmon and it turned out really well : -) The original recipe is Orange-Thyme grilled salmon. . . . . . . But hubs and I don't like thyme and I have fresh rosemary in the front yard that was an excellent substitution : -) We had a yummy yummy dinner then hubs took me to frozen yogurt for dessert : -) I am quite the spoiled girl

Friday, April 25, 2014

Garlic-Ginger Slow Cooker Beef with Curry-Mustard Cauliflower and red peppers

Wow this was Sooooooo easy and sooooooo delicious!!!! The meat had great flavor and practically fell apart in your mouth. Hubs and I were both concerned about the veggies because neither of us are fans of cauliflower.... at all lol It turned out really really good! Hubs said he wanted to go to and Indian place after eating it : -)

Our house is a little full right now.  Miss Lilly (pictured below) is staying with us for a few days : -) Her and Tank are very busy and play pretty much constantly. They are too funny together!! Tank will be tired and lay down then Lilly decided she isn't done playing and barks at Tank then Tank will start chasing her until he gets tired again lol

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cajun-baked Swai with skillet squash and bacon

Sorry I didn't blog last night.  After dinner I did my work out and my homework and went right to bed....sooooo last night's blog had to wait : -)

This was PHENOMINAL!  The original recipe was cod, but we are cheap lol plus, the cod at the grocery store didn't look very good.  I hadn't ever had swai but it was a nice mild fish.  The Cajun flavors were wonderful.  Hubs loved the veggies!! He said even if the veggies didn't have bacon, he would have still enjoyed it : -)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Grilled Beef and Italian Sausage Burger patties with tomato-walnut green beans

Today was a decent day. I have been tired and apparently quite moody lol Hubs is helping me work out. We are doing a couch to 5k program together and I was angry that he made me work out today... poor guy. Naturally I am grateful now. We did the prescribed couch to 5k jog today then I continued on to do my insanity workout..... needless to say, I am exhausted ( In a good way I suppose ), happy and extremely full!!!

Tonight's dinner was another hit!!!!!!!!! We have always ben fans of grilled food so it was no surprise that we both thought tonight's dinner was scrumptious!!!!

I was surprised how much I liked the green beans! The green bean sauce on top of the burger was phenomenal : -)
Ta Ta for now

Monday, April 21, 2014

Southwest Grilled Pork Medalions with Roasted Vegetable Salad

Well tonight's dinner was a hit!!!!!! We really enjoyed it :-) I may have over-roasted the veggies, but they still were delicious :-) Here is the pic. We will for sure be having this again in the future :-)


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Italian Chicken and spinach stuffed mushrooms with sauteed broccoli with almonds

Last night we kinda cheated....... My amazing husband spoiled me and took me to Olive Garden :-)Well tonight's dinner was quite delicious :-) Except for the mushrooms lol We decided next time the filling will be better with alone or in a pepper :-) Here are the pics
This pic is of the stuffed mushroom prior to the addition of some yummy marinara sauce

This pic is of the stuffed mushroom after the addition of yummy marinara sauce

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pork chops with honey-mustard sauce and roasted beets with apple and mint

We were both quite concerned about this meal. We were quite surprised :-) The pork chops were delicious!!! The roasted beets and apple were quite yummy, however I think we are still both on the fence about the mint....but it was still quite good :-)
Paleo meal #1 was a success :-) Now on to chocolate ice cream for dessert ;-)

Big Changes

Well, apparently I am not good at this blogging stuff.... Let's SE, since November, I have had a surgery, been to Oregon 3 times started teaching Sunday school to preschoolers at my church, decided to start working out, put off working out, cleaned up my house, and changed the direction I am heading with my life :-)

As of this Monday I have started Insanity, and so far have stuck with the schedule. Yay!!! I am almost done with school this semester and will begin job hunting soon :-) Yay!

Along with being so busy, my hubby and I have decided to change how and what we eat for our dinner meal each day. We signed up for (which is way cool because they do the meal planning and the shopping list for you) and we are planning to eat paleo for our dinners. We shall see how it goes, but tonight will be our first night!! :-) Pics and meal descriptions to come.

Sorry it has been so long, but looking forward to being here more frequently :-)

Tata for now