Friday, April 18, 2014

Big Changes

Well, apparently I am not good at this blogging stuff.... Let's SE, since November, I have had a surgery, been to Oregon 3 times started teaching Sunday school to preschoolers at my church, decided to start working out, put off working out, cleaned up my house, and changed the direction I am heading with my life :-)

As of this Monday I have started Insanity, and so far have stuck with the schedule. Yay!!! I am almost done with school this semester and will begin job hunting soon :-) Yay!

Along with being so busy, my hubby and I have decided to change how and what we eat for our dinner meal each day. We signed up for (which is way cool because they do the meal planning and the shopping list for you) and we are planning to eat paleo for our dinners. We shall see how it goes, but tonight will be our first night!! :-) Pics and meal descriptions to come.

Sorry it has been so long, but looking forward to being here more frequently :-)

Tata for now

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