Friday, April 25, 2014

Garlic-Ginger Slow Cooker Beef with Curry-Mustard Cauliflower and red peppers

Wow this was Sooooooo easy and sooooooo delicious!!!! The meat had great flavor and practically fell apart in your mouth. Hubs and I were both concerned about the veggies because neither of us are fans of cauliflower.... at all lol It turned out really really good! Hubs said he wanted to go to and Indian place after eating it : -)

Our house is a little full right now.  Miss Lilly (pictured below) is staying with us for a few days : -) Her and Tank are very busy and play pretty much constantly. They are too funny together!! Tank will be tired and lay down then Lilly decided she isn't done playing and barks at Tank then Tank will start chasing her until he gets tired again lol

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