Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Maple-pecan Pork Chops with Two-tomato spinach salad and homemade balsamic vinegarette

Wow this was yummy! I really really liked the pork chops! The salad dressing is similar to a dressing I make regularly, but has a little more honey in it. . . We thought the dressing was a little on the sweet side, but it was a nice balance against the tartness of the tomatoes : -)

The original recipe called for a bag of spring mix for the salad, but I really like spinach and we needed the spinach for a second meal this week. . . so it was far more cost effective to just sub spinach in for the spring mix. On a random side note, if you grind pecans in a coffee grinders for too long you make a pecan butter that was surprisingly tasty : -)

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